AdSense is definitely the biggest and best Ad network, but Adsense Account disapproval is a nightmare for many. Does Google keeps rejecting your application for the Adsense.

Check this article, you may be doing one or two things wrong which is why you are getting rejected.

Insufficient content

If a site is found to have insufficient content , this means your site may not have sufficient textual contents for reviewing and to determine what your pages are about.

Web pages that contains mostly images, videos or animations are considered as weak pages and these pages may not be approved by google.

Content quality issue

Many developers ignore the webmaster quality guidelines,  which results in rejection of their applications. Quality contents is the prime factor for AdSense approval , so be sure to hit high quality and relevant contents.

Make sure your site have complete sentences and the site is fully built.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate networks are one of the top programs that can generate huge amount of money from your website or blog. But this can also act as a reason for AdSense rejection. It is advised to use only 3% of your site for affiliate programs.

So if you have plans for affiliate income , its better to use them after AdSense approval only.

Incomplete Website/Blog

Blogging is a fashion nowadays and everyone is aiming for ad revenue. Often newbies skips some of the main factors that decides a site’s strength. For example  a blog that uses a template has default page descriptions and meta tags. Skipping the modification of these SEO factors can cause you a lot.

Some of the common issues are:

  • No ‘Privacy policy’ page
  • No ‘About Us’ page
  • No ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Site under construction

Navigation issues

Poor navigation – redirects, broken links , pop-ups , page not found. These are some of the main reasons for navigation issues. Google needs websites with user friendly design.

If your site has a complicated navigation system or an incomplete one , then there is a possibility for getting rejected by Google.

Using Google images

Did you know that using google images in blogs is one of the most common reason for AdSense rejection.

This is because not all images on google search are free to use or share. If the image you are using in your blog or website has a copyright over it , then it’s a violation of AdSense policy.

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More than one AdSense account

Applying a second AdSense account with an E-mail id that have same residential address will be rejected. According to AdSense policy , a user can only own one AdSense account. You can add any number of sites to a single AdSense account after approval without any verification.

Site contents

Contents in your blog/website have a huge role in maintaining the quality and standard of the site. Google clearly says that using prohibited connects will not be entertained at all. Avoid usage of the following contents:

  • Adult content
  • Dangerous or derogatory content
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  • Alcohol-related content
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Healthcare-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Pages that offer compensation programs
  • Misrepresentative content
  • Violent content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior
  • Illegal content

For more details visit AdSense program policy.

Applicant age

If you aren’t 18+ , then you are not eligible to have an AdSense account yet. Google AdSense do have a restriction on the age of the developer and the website too. This is to ensure that fake requests are filtered out.

This is applicable only for some of the countries like India , China and some more.

MMM : Make Money Online niche

Making money online is a common trend now and google finds it awkward to have more and more sites that shares the same information. So it is said that ‘Make money online’ is out dated and no blog will be given AdSense approval with this niche anymore.

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Final words:     These are some of the common mistakes that lead to AdSense application rejection. There could be many more reasons for the disapproval other than the ones described above. Please share your solutions below in the comment area and help out others.


  1. Great job! Really helpful for beginners… What i have experienced so far, to get approval from adsense, you must have at least 18-20 posts (Plagiarism zero percent ) on your site and MUST VISIBLE pages like about us, contact us, disclaimer and privacy policy. Google never rejects application..


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