Beats X

Rs 11,899.00
Beats X










          • The W1 chip makes the wireless connection a breeze
          • Great battery life and range
          • Stylish and comfortable
          • Buttons beat Siri for controlling your tunes


          • Audio quality doesn’t justify the price
          • Pick up dirt easily
          • No automatic pause when you remove a bud


          The Beat X are brand new , they are now the cheapest wireless beats that you can buy. Even cheaper than the earpods now and they supposedly actually sound better too. So that means they’re definitely worth the money.

          The beats X are another new pair of wireless Bluetooth buds for 2017. It’s 2 in earbuds, connected by a wire with an inline battery and a bunch of little controls and tricks and features that make them work. In that way to beat x compare really well to some other wireless audio options we’ve gotten recently like a jaybird x2 and x3 and of course the air pods. In fact I’d say the beats X are pretty much a hybrid exactly in between those two. The beats have a little bit of a different shape and a different functional layout but obviously they’re still pretty recognizable with a logo and everything as beats to anyone looking for them. Now wireless earbuds have a bunch of different ways of sitting slash cable management , you know some are retractable some have some sort of a wire clip like the Jaybirds , some have no wires at all.

          These beats have no cable management at all except for the magnet in the head of each ear bud which turns out to be just enough. The wires a little bit longer obviously and it’s meant to basically sit on your neck , which isn’t too bad and you can barely seal it and then when you’re not looking to anymore you can take them out of your ears and basically clip them together.

          Beats X have all the functionality of a normal pair of headphones which is good you have the inline controls so your song forward and backward you have the volume up and down a play/pause button and even an inline microphone for using phone call. But since it’s now 2017 they’re also now completely wireless and also use Apple’s new super low powered super awesome w1 chip , the same thing as the air pods. You power them on and your iPhone immediately recognizes them and tears them to that and every other Apple device you have, but also unlike the air pods you can connect these to an Android phone via bluetooth no problem and they keep all their functionality. You can connect air pods to an Android phone if you want but if you do you lose like all the cool features and functions like you lose the play/pause when you take it out here, you lose Siri you, lose volume control, it just like a very basic headset at that point.

          If you connect beats X to an Android phone you still have the physical inline controls here , so you still have volume, you solve a microphone, they all still work. Inline controls are good but there are some downsides of these headphones too.


            Durability wise these aren’t sweat proof or water resistant at all like in anyway. It’s kind of weird that they’re lacking even those basic protection. Pretty much just don’t take these out in the rain or if you workout and you sweat a lot then you can’t use these for working out either which isn’t that kind of the point of wireless headphones like this. It’s okay if you’re not using them for working out.

          Into Beats X 

          First of all they sound pretty decent. They sound like a lot of other premium Bluetooth earbuds which isn’t a super high bar to clear but they’re not garbage at all. They definitely are a lot heavier and on the base of your side for sure. Their beats but that’s fine for a lot of people volume is good and they managed to make a really good seal in the ear, even better than the j-bird X 3s . Thanks to the wing tip, so the seal makes the noise isolation that it creates really good. Little wire around your neck line your first wearing them is a little annoying at first especially since they have these little batteries in line as well, but it was really easy to get used to.

          The battery life is pretty solid you’re looking at about six to eight hours tops of charge but then they also have this awesome quick charging. If you pick them up and they’re dead you can plug them in for five minutes and add two hours of listening time and they charge via this lightning cable,  so no dock or pouch or cradle needed. Just literally plug them directly in with the same cable you charge your iPhone with and you’re good to go. This is obviously further reinforcement that this is made for iPhone users first. If you’re an Android phone person you have a USB cable, so you need to carry two different Chargers one for headphones one through phone …not really meant to do that. It’s made for the iPhone and of course they are portable too that’s like a big point so they come with this case that looks like a mouse and you can just crumple them up and shove them in to the case.

          150 bucks as a total package are the beats X the best beat ever ? sure yeah I’d give it that ,I’d say at least in the bang for the buck category and the bang for the buck for Beats category, yeah these are pretty good but that doesn’t mean you get them. People who work out with their headphones who are really active sweat a lot do fitness sports activities they’ll want like sweat proof headphones we’ll find stuff like the j-bird x3 much better. But if you just want like no wires at all you want totally Wireless then they’ll spring for something like the air pods, but people who want beats can now justify getting these beats .

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