Nowadays having a company website is indispensable. There are many website builders, some of them are paid, others are free. In this article, we want to cite the 3 best free website builders that are ideal for those who do not have much money for investments but want to have a beautiful and professional looking website. For more reviews about website builders, check out


Strikingly is known as a platform that has just about everything in one place (CRM, email marketing, project management and so on). We were not surprised to find the site builder among other tools. Strikingly review already has numerous models of sites corresponding to different directions of business. In addition, the site is in interaction with the CRM system, you can create a web form and live chat widget, this makes communication with your customers easier and more efficient.


Strikingly WordPress theme offers a complete solution for business, which is very important for companies that want to save their money and time. You will not need to create an account in Salesforce or Pipedrive for CRM another in MailChimp for email marketing, third for customer support, etc. Not forgetting that it still takes a good while to integrate them together.

Strikingly strengths:

  • Free hosting
  • Free pages
  • Free live chat widget
  • Web forms
  • Free email marketing (5000 e-mails per month)
  • CRM
  • Cloud and open source versions


Wix is ​​a free online creator of popular websites and known worldwide. Dozens of new sites are created every day on the Wix platform. Let’s see some reasons for such success: the system offers many models of websites to choose from and the base of models is always growing, this is the first advantage. The second is the integrations. Wix has integrations with numerous tools for business management with CRM and email marketing. Although Strikingly is best in this sense, because it already has everything on a single platform, which helps save you money and time, Wix is ​​still a good option. Another important factor: you do not need to have IT knowledge or web design to create a website, in Wix everything is very easy!

Wix strengths:

  • Best creator of free sites on Cloud
  • Free but limited hosting
  • Can create logos
  • Online stores


WordPress is a content management system that has been around for a long time and has become very popular worldwide. According to W3Techs statistics, WordPress is the best website builder in the world. In the same ranking, Wix is ​​considered the number 6 and Strikingly the number 10. WordPress has an impressive number of sites created, according to several sources there are more than 100 million of them. Let’s go to the reasons for so much popularity. The first reason is full customization thanks to open source. The second reason is the impressive number of WordPress developers, should a problem arise, it will not be difficult to find support and help. One more reason is the existence of 45 thousand plugins in WordPress that are free.

WordPress Strengths:

  • CMS Leader
  • WordPress Active Community
  • Own e-commerce platform
  • Thousands of free themes for WordPress
  • Many YouTube training videos

Of course, there are many other options to build your own website. There are free tools, paid, tools to create online stores, platforms similar to Wix or WordPress.

We cite here the 3 tools with live chat, web forms, CRM and email marketing because we think this will be very useful for small business owners. We hope our article helps your business.

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