In this post we have answered a few of your questions and also provided an overview of what Campus Connect is really about.

I hope everyone knows “INFOSYS”. If not , Infosys is a global leader in technology services & consulting, helps clients in more than 50 countries to create & execute digital transformation strategies.

Campus Connect is Infosys' initiative to help increase India's competitiveness 
in the knowledge economy.

Still confused ? Don’t worry , just follow the FAQ give below for better understanding.

1) What is campus connect ?

  •  Its a tie up between your college and Infosys where part of your training would be performed in college itself. When u join Infosys you can just take an exam and if you clear it , you can directly join stream specific training.  Its a win win for company and you.

2) What should be done during this program?

During the Campus Connect program , the students have to attend an online course provided by Infosys. And have to complete a project with the concepts and knowledge gathered from the online course.

  • Theory 10%
  • Hands on 40%
  • Project 50%

3) How long is this campus connect ? 

The course is estimated to be 2 to 3 weeks long and its only 750/- , no other fee included.

4) Starting and ending dates / duration?

There is no information about any dates so far. Therefore the course can be conducted at any time during the vacation.

5) Benefits to the participants? 

If you are attending this course then you may skip the baby training at Infosys if you got a chance to work for them.

6) Is it alternative/equal to an intership ?

Yes , this can be considered as an alternative to internship.

7) Will there be a certificate for this program ?

Yes, after the successful completion of the course , a certificate will be provided.

8) Is there any conditions or qualifications to attend campus connect? 

No , anyone with basic programming knowledge can attend this course. There is no special qualifications needed.

9) Can the students with supplementary exams join this program ?

Students with supplementary exams can also apply.

10) Who all will be taking classes or giving guidance to the participants ?

Since this is a online course , there will be a coordinator to give guidance to the participants and also to assess the projects.

11) When is the last date of registration ?

  • Last date of Registration is 20th June(Extended).
  • If interested please contact Mr. Jayakumar T.V ( Assistant Professor / CSE Dept)
  • Syllabus : Click Here

If you have anymore questions , please comment below . We will answer your question as soon as possible.
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