Recently WordPress updated its version and a few changes are seen in the latest update. Some of the wordpress users are having some difficulties managing their wordpress themes as Worpress have removed the Add New Theme button and also re-designed some of the layouts.

In this post , we will be focusing on how to add or activate a new wordpress theme.

Older Version Layout

The older version had a layout like this :

In this layout there is Add New button for adding new themes and also all the themes that has been uploaded by you is listed. You just have to click the Activate button to activate any theme in this layout.

New Version Layout

Now in the new update , the layout have changed and a single theme i.e the current theme is only made visible. This layout is quite confusing for some of the users. The new layout looks like this :

How to Change or Activate Theme in new update

Before doing the steps below , make sure you have uploaded the theme in your server (Hosting account).

In the top bar of the wordpress dashboard locate “My Sites” and select Network Admin option , from that select Themes. Only Network Admin has the right to change or activate a new theme.

Now you can see all the Themes you have uploaded to the server. Select the theme which you wish to add and click Network Enable. Only Enabled themes will be visible in the dashboard and can be activated.


After enabling the theme , go to the dashboard for the previous theme from the MySites option in the top bar of wordpress. Now we are at the main dashboard and can activate the theme.

Now go to Appearance tab in the dashboard and select themes option. From here all the steps are similar to the older version of wordpress. If you you have performed all th above steps correctly , you can see your newly add theme.

You can now see the enabled theme from the Network Admin. Just click the activate button of the theme you wish to activate for your website or blog. Thats it , now your theme is live.

If you have any confusion or doubts about the same please mail us or comment below. And don’t forget to share this with others too. Happy Blogging…

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