Before I go deep into our main question, I would like all to just go through the below statement. I hope everyone is familiar with this famous statement by Apple.

The headphone jack is century-old technology — why not get rid of it the same way Apple killed the CD drive and Ethernet port on laptops? After all, this is just another connector that can be replaced by something wireless.

The main reason for the removal of the Headphone jack was not the out fashioned technology . Apple was making room for the new Taptic Engine powering the new virtual home button, and there is more…

Through AppleCare and Genius Bar, Apple collects all sorts of data about what kinds of problems their customers have with their Apple devices. This data is used to improve the future products. The MagSafe adapter was one of the best known example. We all have tripped over the charging cable (may be not always, but yes we did at some point). Because of this Apple designed a charging cable with a magnetic connector which would harmlessly detach from the device when you sharply tugged on it.

The most common kind of accidental damage for iPhones is probably dropping a phone and shattering the screen (Heart Broken). Apple tried to solve this a couple of times, and made a hardcore attempt at moving to sapphire, but still they couldn’t fixed that problem yet. But the 2nd most common type of damage is liquid damage. That’s what the limited water proofing in the iPhone 7 is really about. Removing the Headphone jack unbelievably improved the phones water resistance leading to better waterproofing.

Will iPhone 8 be port less  ?????

So assuming the next iPhone that comes out in this September is the iPhone 8. I would say probably not this year, but ideally pretty soon. If the iPhone goal is to be port less and the only port that’s left since they got rid of the headphone jack is the Lightning port. Only thing you use that Lightning port for is plug it into your computer to sync data and how often do we really plug into sync to iTunes and charging.

Now wireless charging is not really I guess where we want it to be for a full time only way to charge a phone, still a bit of a work in progress. So I don’t see the iPhone 8 now getting rid of that last port that people use for charging. But maybe in a year or two or three , where we have like a sort of a radius based wireless charging where you don’t have to put it right on a pad , but in a general area and it starts to charge when we get that point/area. If this is possible ,  then surely the next iPhone will be PORT LESS.

So what do you think ? PORT or No PORT.  Comment below what you think of the next iPhone and keep visiting TROIED for more futurology.

                                                         ( Img:iPhone 8 concept )


  1. Iphone 8 is not gona remove the lightning port .
    But i think apple may get ride of it very soon in the future.
    I wish the water proofing is improved in iPhone8.
    Im waiting to see the frameless iPhone☺


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