Xiaomi’s all-new Redmi Note 5 Pro is a massive hit among the budget smartphones of this year. The sleek, stylish piece of technology fits into the requirements of all smartphone fans.

But there is something the users may worry about the new phone they bought. This may sound unusual and stupid to the users, but this is actually happening among the Redmi Note 5 Pro users all over the globe.

In this article, I’ll be sharing the dark side of Redmi Note 5 Pro. Surely the phone is a beast, one of the coolest ones I have ever used. But guess what, the phone bends. This is what happened to me:

I was so fascinated by Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro and its outstanding spec. So I was waiting to get my hands on one. Since the phone was not available in the local market, I decided to get one from Flipkart (Flash Sale). The delivery was quick and neat, I got it in 3-4 days. At the first glace itself, I fell in love with the device, it was too awesome. Stunning look, stylish design, awesome display, 4000mh battery and the best ever cam. What more do I need, it was perfect for me.

Almost after 20 days, I started to notice a bent in the display while charging. A bulge in the display is surely something to worry about. So I contacted Flipkart for replacement, but they denied the request as Flipkart’s 10 days replacement period was over. They asked me to contact the nearest Authorised Xiaomi service centre for further assistance.

So without wasting any more time I visited the service centre near my residence. I told them about my issue and suggested to take a look at the battery as battery bulge was one of the common reason for display to bulge. After a quick diagnosis by the service centre employee, they replied saying that since the display is bent they can not provide me with any service under warranty. I was absolutely shocked to hear it because I haven’t even used the phone, it was new and still, I was denied the warranty. For a few minutes, I felt like I was out of this world. I mean I had to spend a lot of money for something that I can’t use. I was totally depressed hearing all this.

The next thing I could do was to put this on social networking sites and tag Flipkart and Xiaomi. So I did that and within seconds Flipkart responded and I was really happy to see them responding so quickly. I told them about all these issues, so they said they will help. All I had to do was to get a letter from the service centre that refers to the denial of warranty for my device. The letter says I can’t get the warranty since the display is bent as this can only happen due to some physical damage to the phone (In my case this is not true). At this point in time, the service centre employees also thought I was telling lies so that I can get a new phone, which was absolutely wrong. I submitted this letter to the Flipkart and waited for their reply. Unfortunately, the reply was quite disappointing, they couldn’t help me as they got information from the Xiaomi India that this issue is because I was using different chargers (This is ******** coz I didn’t use any other charger than the original one). I had no proof to prove my innocence, so I decided to file a case in the consumer court. As a final try, I contacted the service centre again for a detailed diagnosis. This was the turning point of the whole drama by Xiaomi. The bent in the display was not caused by the battery bulge, the battery was perfectly alright. It was because of the PCB (mainboard) due to which the display was getting bent. So the service centre people contacted Xiaomi India and explained the issue. Finally, they agreed to repair the device under warranty. I was requesting a replacement, but they did the repairing. Anyway since I got the device repaired, I was feeling relaxed. They have changed the display, back cover and the frame under warranty.

I reached home and used the device for a few hours to test the working of the new display. After that, I plugged in the charger and kept it for charging. After 30 minutes I could observe the same issue again, the phone was getting bent again. Now I was so angry and was frustrated. I was visiting the service centre for the past 1 month for this and all I actually did was wasting my time on this defective device.

It was almost night, so I couldn’t inform the service centre employee about this. So I contacted Xiaomi India and raised this issue. I asked for a replacement or refund for the defective device and the replay I got from them was really unexpected. They said they will not give replacement and refund for my device since I bought it from Flipkart. Xioami will only give replacement and refund if the point of purchase is mi.com

The next day morning, I simply texted Xiaomi through facebook just for clarification of the replacement policy. I don’t know why they keep on changing their decisions, this time they replied that I can get replacement or refund from Xiaomi through Flipkart. I was so happy to hear this, without wasting any more time I texted Flipkart and informed them the same. On the same day, I had visited the service centre to inform them of the reappearance of the display bent. 

This time the service centre employees were so friendly and agreed to support me to the maximum. They reported my issues and suggested for replacement of the defective Redmi Note 5 Pro to Xiaomi. Now the device is with them and I’m waiting for a positive response from Xiaomi. I hope Xiaomi will take this more seriously so that their future products and customers are safe.


What to know if your device has a bent like mine, then follow these steps :

  1. Place your device on a plane straight surface upside down .ie display facing the surface.
  2. Now using one of your fingers, apply a small pressure on one the ends of the phone (do test both the ends one by one).
  3. Observe the top and bottom of the phone while pressing with your finger.
  4. If you are seeing any of the ends is rising from the surface when you are applying the force on the other end, then your device is bent and is suffering from the same issue I’m facing.

Xiaomi also said that I was the only one who was facing this “unusual issue“. And guess what, you are wrong once again. Check out these links, they are facing the same issue: Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4.

I know there are Redmi Note 5 Pro users out there who haven’t noticed it yet. Wait no more, check it out as soon as possible and raise your issue to Xiaomi. If you are facing the same issue as me, comment below. Let everyone know the truth, save others from this issue.


  1. I have also same prob. Now what I do.
    I spend 15000 for that cellphone. Now I can’t afford any other cellphone.
    Plzzz give me solution.
    Plzzz bro.
    Today I observed it and I search for solution on net.
    My story also same as you.
    Plzzz bro help me what I do now

    • You may ask the service centre guys to run a full diagnosis and see what’s causing the issue. If they can find any issue, you are saved else its over. Xiaomi won’t help you with this. In my case my motherboard was bend, so they replaced the screen. After a day the same issue continued so the service centre guys forwarded my case to Xiaomi head office. After around 2 weeks I got my phone repaired.

  2. Xiomi phones build quality and internal materials are not of good quality, they use cheap materials for cost cutting. my redmi note 4 earphone jack got damaged on its own in just 6 months of usage and the service center guy telling me to change the motherboard which will cost 6k rupees. so i just sold this garbage xiomi phone and i bought the Samsung galaxy j8, i knew it had slower processor but i don’t care because i don’t do gaming. and the phone is just amazing with great display, good built quality, awesome camera etc. always prefer brand.

  3. I am facing the same problem. I purchased the phone 2wks ago and today I saw that it was slight bend. Bro please suggest me what to do as I purchased my phone from mi store.

    • If it’s from MI store, you are saved. All products from MI store are eligible for replacement. Just visit your nearest service centre and get a service record for your issue. After that contact MI for replacement.

      • Hi… I purchased Mi Redmi few months back and recently my phone bended now I purchased it from local shop can service centre help me out in this? I’m ready to pay the expenses also..

        • First, you may contact that local shop and enquire if they can help you out. Maybe the local shop policy will provide a free service if its still under warranty.
          If this fails, you may contact the service centre to sort your issue out. Please remember that if it’s your fault that the mobile is bend then you may have to pay around 3500 to change the display.

      • Hi
        I am shocked as my new redmi note 6 pro has suddenly bent. and I saw you all post the same issues. This is the first time I decided to purchase this brand. Just today I called flipkart and I received a reply about the 10-day stuff and that I should call/email the xiaomi service people.I will do so and let’s see what happens.

    • Hi
      I am shocked as my new redmi note 6 pro has suddenly bent. and I saw you all post the same issues. This is the first time I decided to purchase this brand. Just today I called flipkart and I received a reply about the 10-day stuff and that I should call/email the xiaomi service people.I will do so and let’s see what happens.

  4. Yes I also have same problem, and when I take my phone to the service center, they told that they can’t repair it free of cost I have to pay for it because the display is bend.

  5. Hi guys
    My Redmi note 6 is bent and I don’t know how and I am stressed and don’t know what to do please help me vishnuprasad service center guys are not helping me can you show how your phone was bent.

  6. Hi guys,
    My Redmi note 6 is bent and I don’t know how and I am stressed and don’t know what to do please help me vishnuprasad service guys reply not helping

  7. Hi guys,
    My Redmi note 6 is bent and service centre guys are not helping can someone share the photo of bent phone.

  8. Same issue i am facing…they asked me to pay 6k… I was facing network dropping issue visited centre.. They denied my service under warranty by saying it slightly bend..

  9. Hey. Even I m facing the same issue. I went to the centre and they did tha same, they refused and said that it is now out of warranty. I was with the same reaction, was shocked af.. they said it will be done in another 700rs and that too just three months warranty of it… Thank you for this post. As now I can response to them that YES … MANY OF US ARE FACING THIS PROBLEM COZ OF CHARGING….

  10. My Phone Also got bent suddenly after some months. The sevice center people are not ready to accept to take my device under them.
    Please Vishnuprasad AS help me.

  11. I am also facing the same problem on my Redmi Note 6 pro.. and they are giving the stock replies. I have mailed to Mi service hq. Lets see what happens next.
    One thing for sure i wont recommend anyone to buy Mi again.

  12. I brought redmi note7s and iam facing same problem just after one month of purchase.After reading all these posts i am thinking to
    file a case in consumer court? How many agree with me ? Please comment


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