Recently Google have launched their new digital payment app for india. Now you can send money to your family , friends or anyone with one click. Pay bills with seconds even if its big or small , directly from bank account with Tez.


With Tez anyone can pay directly from his or her bank account , which means your money is perfectly safe with your trusted bank and you will continue to earn its interest. For Tez there is no additional wallet or account. All transactions and direct from your bank account.

Supported banks : Tez uses UPI – Unified Payments Interface and works will all the major banks in the country. For list of all supported banks , click here.

How to make real and easy money with Tez ?

Follow the steps below for best result. There are two different offers from which we can make real cash to flow into your back account. The best part is that there is no fee, everything is free here.

The first step is to down the Tez app to your Android or iPhone. I have given the  download link for you. If you download from this link, you will be awarded 51 INR for free with your 1st transaction. This offer is not valid in play store.

>> Download Tez <<

 Once you have downloaded the app , open it. Set your google pin or screen lock for security. This keeps your account safe from unauthorised users and prevent accidental transactions.

 This is the most important step , Linking your existing bank account to the Tez app. If you don’t have a UPI pin , you must create it from the bank’s UPI app. The list of UPI apps are given in this list : CLICK HERE.

Now you are finished with the setup. Its time from making some cash now. In Tez here are 3 different offers. They are as follows:


Invite friends to Tez and you each will get 51

Pay anyone 50 or more and win scratch card of 1Lakh

Pay or get paid , 50 or more and get scratch cards

worth 1000 for each person


 Invite maximum friends to Tez to increase your earnings and you will get scratch cards have any amount from 0 to 1000.

 You will get only 10 scratch card per week and it is also a limited period offer. So make your new pays fast and try next week also.



  • Offers are for limited time.
  • Maximum amount you can have in a financial year is 9000INR
  • You must make the payments through Tez for getting rewards.
  • You must use the mobile number that has been linked to your bank account.
  • Joint bank accounts will not work this way.



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