Today, playing sports is not only useful but also very fashionable. Physical activity helps to keep yourself in shape, energize and energize for the whole day. For more productive workouts, there are currently hundreds of different gadgets, ranging from the coolest watches of the latest model, which everyone can do if they do not do their homework for you, to HLS services in the form of applications on smartphones. Competent use of these technologies and a smart approach to stress are the key to successful sports, as well as improving health. No Fluff Tech have made for you a selection of the coolest and most effective gadgets for sports that exist on the modern market.

Cardio Sensor

This is the leader of our top list. This device controls the heart rhythm of the person who decided to play sports. It does not matter what kind of physical activity you are doing. The cardio sensor, or heart rate monitor, will be relevant when jogging, and during strength training in the gym, and when cycling. It will not hurt, even if you are doing Nordic walking. And if you can’t imagine your week without going to the pool, then this gadget will help you not to overstrain while swimming.

When any physical activity is very important to monitor your heart rate, keeping it in a certain area. Ten years ago, it was necessary to search for a pulse on the arm or neck, measure it by the clock and then calculate the real heart rate, now everything is elementary – the cardiac sensor will do everything for you. Any modern heart rate monitor perfectly synchronizes with mobile devices. After a workout, you can see all the indicators every minute. Cardiac sensors are very long.

Fitness Bracelet

Deserved second place. This gadget today is wildly popular both among young people and among older people. A beautiful and stylish bracelet not only looks spectacular on your hand but also performs a number of useful functions — it shows the distance travelled, the speed of movement, the number of calories expended. You can set different modes, up to the reminder to drink some water.


Fitness bracelets are very convenient to use, do not take up much space and do not require large investments. The charge lasts almost five days. Fast synchronization with mobile devices helps to share the results achieved and their progress with other lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Training Mask

If you want to pump your respiratory system, improve endurance and cardiovascular performance, while not leaving the mountains to a height, then a special training mask will become simply irreplaceable for you. This sports gadget limits the flow and, accordingly, oxygen consumption during training.

Your physical activities will take place in a kind of “oxygen starvation.” The mask contains valves for inhalation and exhalation, allowing you to adjust the resistance. With such a device, your workouts will become more diverse and more productive, and the muscles of the respiratory system – stronger.


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